An integrated set of tools for each civil engineer

An extensive range of tools sufficient to analyze even the most complex building structures. Beside static analysis (including non-linear) and designing procedures (steel, steel connections, reinforced concrete, wood, foundations, etc), you can also use optimization module, buckling analysis, dynamics (eigenproblem) and influence lines.


Active tracking of characteristic points and angles well known from CAD systems, building construction schemes using common and widely understood symbols as well as procedures based on common practice of all engineers make the program usage very easy, fast and intuitive.


Automatic modification of the structure improving its crucial parameters or mechanical behaviour: weight reduction, maximizing stiffness, reducing reaction to the subsoil, forcing the elastic strains in reinforced concrete, and much more. Advanced optimization algorithms (gradient, exploration techniques, genetic algorithms, hybrid procedures ) with easy and intuitive definition.


All functionality is available in a one application. Once we made the calculation, model can be then analyzed using all available procedures and standards. Transfer of design data and results between modules of the program is done automatically.


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